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Holiday decoration soap.

A tiny doll, vibrant colors, delicious scents...

Small colorful stones from central Europe, lavender hand picked from the fields in Budapest.

Goats milk, olive oil, cocoa butter, African soap, all organic and all made with pure essential oils.

Soaps perfect for that person who adores small treasures and beautiful oils.

Or that child who really should wash their hands more. 

Gift sets are also available for special people in your life. Something that says “you deserve to be pampered” 

Dull skin, acne, rosacea, wrinkles, our specialty blend soaps can help all skin conditions improve.

Contact me to select favorites to be delivered in a beautiful wooden box to someone you adore. Or to yourself. You're adorable.


Handmade Organic Essential Oil Soaps with treasures inside!

6,00 €Price
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