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Let the scents around you transform the world inside you

Hello! Welcome to Clearly Sage Organics, a place for your weary mind and body to find relaxation. My name is Talley, and I’m a NAHA certified aromatherapist. I’m originally from the United States, but currently living in Almaty, Kazakhstan. I’m also a mom and expat that has lived all around the world - not to mention a seasoned traveler. This means that, just like you, I have also had to deal with jet lag, headaches, an anxious mind, and children with stomach aches after a particularly strong meal.

All About Me

Clearly Sage Organics was born from personal needs, and now I want to share the solutions I found with you. In this space, you’ll find some of the essential oil blends that changed my and my family’s travel experiences for the better. Things like headache-fighting scents, combinations to wake you up and fight jet lag, and blends aimed to address digestive issues - to name a few.


That said, I also understand that each personal experience is very different and needs vary. I also offer personalized aromatherapy sessions so we can work together to create a customized blend that tailors to exactly what you need.


Not currently located in Kazakhstan for in-person sessions? I offer worldwide virtual options too! 

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A bit more about who will be helping you...

While aromatherapy is a big part of how I help clients, I also firmly believe in taking a holistic approach to healing. So, I’ve made a point of learning and training on several topics related to your health as a traveler and the adjustment needs that come from being an expat. This has allowed me to create a well-rounded experience for my clients, where nothing is left to chance.


I hold a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood & Elementary Education (1996), and a master’s degree in Social Work (2001). I’m a certified aromatherapist through the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (2005), a licensed educational consultant through IECA (2019), and hold a certification in Heartfulness Meditation from the Heartfulness Institute (2017). On top of all that, I’ve also been a practicing social worker (since 2001), and a teacher in several capacities since I graduated from the University of Minnesota.


I use the knowledge collected from my intensive educational background to bring you an experience that can change your life.

Do you offer workshops or seminars?

I sure do! I have done presentations on holistic healing through aromatherapy in Slovakia, Slovenia, Arizona, Hong Kong, and China.


I love sharing my knowledge with big groups of people and pride myself on offering easy-to-understand structures and engaging presentation skills.


PS: Scholarships are also available. I don’t believe people should miss out on the power of aromatherapy because of a lack of funds.


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3 interesting things you didn’t know about me

During my early years as a teacher I worked in Zuni Pueblo (New Mexico), as an education volunteer in Minneapolis, and in Thailand at an international school. As you can tell, moving around has always been the fire that kept me going!

Both my children were born in Hong Kong. Travel has been in their blood since they were born, and I truly hope they learn to love it as much as their dad and I do.

I have published curricula about how to best support the immigrant workforce, and created content for early childhood education centers. I am also a meditation instructor.

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