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Lavender Fields

Aromatherapy products and services for adventurous families & weary travelers

Enjoy more traveling, and less time dealing with the mental and physical effects of the journey

Our Services

Allow yourself to be lead down a path of healing and calmness. At Clearly Sage Organics our objective is to help you cope better with your trip, an international move, or the unique experience of being a third culture family. So you can focus your energy on what really matters: the new adventure.

Offerings you can find at Clearly Sage Organics

Essential oil blends, 1-1 aromatherapy sessions, group workshops & seminar packages

Whether you’re fighting jet lag or an upset tummy from a new dish, don’t let that keep you from new experiences. Our essential oil blends are here to help you. Can’t find what you’re looking for in our pre-made blends section? Book a 1-1 aromatherapy session for customized options. We also offer workshops and seminars for those looking to share their love of aromatherapy with the people around them. Don’t let distance stop you! Both individual sessions, small or big workshops, and seminars are available virtually and in person.

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Clearly Sage Organics is run by Talley Lyn Sjoberg-Varney, MSW. With over 15 years as a professional aromatherapist and over 19 years as a social worker, Talley has poured her heart into learning how to help her clients enjoy their expat and travel adventures in a healthy and productive way.  The cost of  aromatherapy sessions and products from Clearly Sage

are reimbursable by many health insurance companies. 

Clearly Sage Organics is a subdivision of Clearly Sage Advice & Organics,LLC based out of the United States. Clearly Sage also offers additional holistic mental health and educational services. Join us at to learn more. 

View our spooky and sensational fall products! 

-Party or Workshop-fees as negotiated. Scholarships available.

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